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  • Fair or Foul Line?

    As diverse as each MLB ballpark, outfield walls and foul lines make a subtle statement at every team's home field. Represent your home team with it's unique foul line that's printed on the outfield wall with this subtle piece of baseball apparel.
  • There's No Place Like Home

    Baseball is more like life than sometimes we realize. Everything in baseball starts at home. You can't get back home unless you leave it. At 9+Us, we know how important the home is, so our latest release is in honor of not only home plate, but where we live.
  • #Hashtag

    It's a mystery to some. What's a hashtag for, anyway? Hashtags are used on social media to organize and promote a group of posts. Wear your team's hashtag across your chest with this new baseball shirt from 9+Us that lets you organize with your people and do baseball together. 
  • Y'all Need Baseball!

    There's something that you need, and we know what it is. Y'all need baseball! That's right, we can't get enough of the greatest game in the world.
  • Fans, Unite!

    As fans, our strength comes in numbers. We're the 10th man on defense, the second man in the batter's box. We provide an extra shock of energy that goes into every baseball game. It's a power unlike any other. But it doesn't happen, unless we're united.

  • You ARE Fluent in Baseball!

    Thought you couldn't get enough with our first Fluent Baseball design? Well, you're in luck. We brought in the remix!
  • Baseball Together Podcast Episode 7.5: Hat's Hat's Hat's!

    Thanks for joining us for this week's bonus episode, baseball family! In this special episode, Brig and Brad are joined by Tiff (Brig's wife) and...
  • Baseball Together Podcast Episode 7: Hall of Famers

    Thank you for joining us this week for the Baseball Together Podcast, baseball family! This week Brig and Brad break down current events that inc...
  • We Love Baseball Things

    We're all willing to admit it. There are some things about baseball that are just strange. Shop our latest release in the Baseball Things collection.
  • Welcome to the Big City

    No matter where you're from across our great nation, your team and city are represented with the Big City series. Find out more here!
  • Baseball Together Podcast Episode 6: Back from the All-Star Break

    Welcome back from the MLB All-Star Break and thanks for joining us for this week’s episode, baseball family! This week Brig and Brad recap the MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game and more!
  • Do You Speak Baseball?

    Double headers, squeeze plays, and a Green Monster. Do you know what these things mean? Of course you do! You speak fluent baseball!