Fair or Foul Line?

As diverse as each MLB ballpark, outfield walls and foul lines make a subtle statement at every team's home field. Represent your home team with its unique foul line that's printed on the outfield wall with this subtle piece of baseball apparel. 

"So, I can buy a shirt with Pesky's Pole AND the Green Monster?" Not quite, there's more nuance to this than you might think. Yes, you can buy the marking for Pesky's Pole. No, there's no Green Monster. Why? American League foul lines are exclusive to the right field line, while the National League represents the left field line.

Additionally, you'll notice that shirts and foul lines are different colors. This is another unique aspect to this collection. Most teams these days have green outfield walls. However, there are specific teams through the big leagues who have different different shades of green or blue mixed with various colored lines and fonts.

Find your team's foul line and make a subtle statement about your fandom with this baseball t-shirt. 

Seattle Foul Line

Los Angeles Foul Line

Toronto Foul Line

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