Welcome to the Big City

We are so excited to announce our Big City series! "What makes the Big City series so special?" you ask? Well, the first installment of this series is the Baseball Together t-shirt. Not only is this design the logo for our podcast (the Baseball Together Podcast), it's also available in your favorite team colors.

No matter where you're from across our great nation, your team and city are represented with the Big City series. Truly. We've painstakingly combed the interwebs for the true color that represents each big league team and used it to color the logo for each design. 

Each city set is available in at least two colors, most offer an alternate. So, wear white for home, grey for away, and pick an alternate for any day.

Take a look at some of the designs below. You'll notice that the details of these baseball shirts are on point as even the shades of red, blue, and beyond are specific to your favorite teams and no two are the same. 

Shop the Big City series and show off your roots. You'll find the colors you're looking for based on the city or state name of your crew. Each style is available in sizes for adults, youth, kids, and onesies. You can show off your true colors from birth through adulthood.

Baseball Together - Bronx

Baseball Together Onesie

Baseball Together - Seattle

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