You ARE Fluent in Baseball!

Walk-off homer, ground rule double, and triple play. These are a few of your favorite things, because you speak fluent baseball. Thought you couldn't get enough with our first Fluent Baseball design? Well, you're in luck. We brought in the remix! This time, we decided to add a little bit of extra style and flair by mixing up the font a touch. 

As always, these shirts are available from kids to adult sizes. We also have them in tank tops! Shop the Fluent Baseball design now and save 15% off your purchase of this new design until Wednesday (7/31) with discount code FLUENT15. This code is good for ALL Fluent Baseball shirts, not just the new ones.

Snatch this one up today and show off your baseball knowledge. These colors are perfect for the hot summer weather!

I speak fluent baseball t-shirt

I speak fluent baseball tank top


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